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Once Upon the Sun & Sea


Set sail for a literary voyage with "Once upon the Sun and Sea: Indigenous Stories and Folk Tales from the Philippines." This shining collection of eleven tales transports young readers to a wondrous world alight with gods and goddesses, brave heroes, curious creatures, and magical powers. From the adventures of Aponibolinayen as she is carried by vines into the realm of the sun to Tulalang's epic battle with a giant eagle, each story is an invitation to dive into the rich storytelling traditions of the Philippines. With lavish illustrations and a treasure trove of facts and lore, this book is for explorers in search of adventure on faraway islands and open seas, most especially the children and families of the Filipino diaspora. Let these stories be a joyful beacon that inspires curiosity, conversation, and pride; lighting the way back to beloved homelands of sun and sea.


SubGenre: Legends, Myths, Fables / Asian
Age Range (years): 6 - 12
Language: English
Pages: 100
Paperback ISBN: 9798350930689

About The Author

Jo Tiongson-Perez is a Filipina-American writer investigating how stories, language, and media shape worldviews and identities. She has a Master of the Arts degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from the University of Asia and the Pacific, certificates in Creative Writing and Leading Digital Transformation from Wharton, and completed a course in Neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania. At the world-renowned Barnes Foundation and Penn Museum, she led award-winning multimedia campaigns making art, anthropology, and archaeology accessible to all. Jo served as a Board Trustee at the Independence Charter School, a K-8 public school centering global citizenship, bilingual education, and STEAM academics. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband, daughter, and rescue poodle.

Denise Orosa is an award-winning arts educator, writer and artist who has been working with and writing for children and families for over 20 years. She believes in the important role storytelling plays in preserving and passing on human truth, culture, and identity. She values the powerful tradition and practice of oral storytelling and shared inquiry for young minds.