Wubbanub Sunshine Hedgehog Pacifier | Sweet Threads

  • Wubbanub Sunshine Hedgehog Pacifier | Sweet Threads
  • ALWAYS put baby to sleep on his or her back on a firm mattress.
  • AVOID soft bedding (pillows, comforters, blankets, etc.) because these present suffocation hazards.
  • NOTHING IN THE CRIB BUT THE BABY! For sleep time, remove all plush, plush attached to pacifiers, loveys, toys, stuffed animals and decorative items.
  • ALWAYS REMEMBER to keep ventilation holes clear.
  • NEVER hang a pacifier around an infant's neck.
  • ALWAYS SUPERVISE an infant when he/she is using a pacifier.
  • REMOVE all plastic packaging before the first use.
  • MAKE SURE you're always using an age-appropriate pacifier.
  • KEEP A CLOSE EYE on nipples and inspect them carefully before each use by pulling in all directions. They can wear out over time and should be replaced at the first sign of wear.
  • SHARING IS CARING, but pacifiers should be reserved for one infant only for safety and hygienic reasons.
  • ALWAYS WATCH your baby and children while sterilizing the pacifier with boiled (NOT boiling) water.

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