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Wowee Zowee: A Flight of Imagination

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Taking a flight is always exciting, and this fun and quirky activity book is the perfect travel companion for your little one's journey!

''I think it’s time for a Wowee Zowee adventure – the perfect travel companion!'' -- The BookActivist 

Hop on board and visit a host of weird worlds and peculiar planets in this delightfully charming and very silly activity book for the young and the young at heart. Design some ski-wear for Frostonika, spot the differences in Crystal Castles and think up a menu for the beach bar on Lazy Isle! The only limits are your own imagination!

Bold, fresh illustrations by Jurg Lindenberger, bring the activities to life. A timely reminder of the thrills of travel and exploration.

Let your kids creativity run wild!

  • Publisher: Cicada Books
  • Length: 40 pages
  • ISBN13: 978-1800660106
  • Ages 4-11 y