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Tantrum That Saved The World


Tantrums are bad–except when they save the world.

An environmental picture book about finding your voice, taking collective action, and saving the planet–for kids ages 5 – 9.

Sophia’s minding her own business when–bing bong!–the doorbell announces an unexpected guest: a polar bear. Despite Sophia’s protests, he walks right in, making himself at home. His ice cap is melting–where else is he supposed to go?

Soon, more visitors arrive: a dispirited sea turtle and farmers whose lands have gone dry are joined by confused bees, more climate refugees, and a grumpy Bengal tiger. Sophia is frustrated and confused. She doesn’t understand why they showed up at her house…or what any of this has to do with her.

But as Sophia hears their stories, she learns that this is her fight, too…and discovers the power of collective action, the strength of her own voice, and how all of us are stronger together. They head to City Hall only to wait around for hours before being dismissed, and Sophia just can’t hold it in anymore:

Sophia’s strong feelings smouldered once more, And this time they’d gotten too big to ignore. Raging with purpose, with banners unfurled, She kicked off a tantrum to save the whole world!

And she does–and so can you. An inspirational, beautifully illustrated picture book for kids aged 5 to 9, The Tantrum that Saved the World is part environmental story, part ode to community action, and part blueprint for building a better world–together, for all of us.


  • 64 Pages
  • 10 x 8
  • 5-9 years

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