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Paperscapes: The Nutcracker: A Picturesque Retelling with Press-out Characters (Hardcover)

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Beautifully colored original illustrations and the innovative paperscapes format bring this edition of The Nutcracker to life.

The Nutcracker is a Christmas tale filled with magical realms and memorable characters, including the Mouse King, dancing snowflakes, waltzing flowers, Sugar Plum Fairy and, of course, the Nutcracker prince.

This retelling of a classic story combines beautifully crafted paperscape scenes with an easy-to-follow and captivating narrative. The book presents the fairytale settings in a series of intricately crafted die-cut pages, forming layered scenes that make each realm unique and picturesque.

This beautiful book displays these wonderful images in a series of intricate die-cut pages that form layered scenes. Children will enjoy studying the scenes while reading the evocative writing, and in so doing discover the classic tale in a thoroughly unique and charming way.

Paperscapes: the book that transform into a work of art. Whether you're interested in reading a classic from Lewis Carroll, exploring the cityscape of London or learning about plants and animals, Paperscapes books offer everything a traditional book would, and then uses innovative design and beautiful illustrations to let readers turn their book into a work of art.

  • Publisher: Welbeck Children's
  • Length: 96pages
  • ISBN13: 978-1783127177
  • Ages 6-8y