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Little Elephants/ Elefantitos | Sweet Threads

Little Elephants/ Elefantitos | Sweet Threads

The second book in the Canticos series of nursery rhymes and songs, is based on a traditional Mexican counting song and is one of the oldest and best methods of putting a child to sleep. Children can easily learn the verses which describe how a number of elephants come to be balancing on a spider web thanks to the repetitive pattern of the nursery rhyme. Each spread depicts a brightly colored numeral describing the number of elephants making Elefantitos/Little Elephants ideal for helping little ones learn colors and counting to five. With a unique reversible accordion and interactive design, the traditional Latin American counting song is presented with one side of the book in its native Spanish and a rhyming English language translation on the other. Children can read it straight through in traditional book format -- pulling the tabs and making the elephants heads sway to the rhythm of the verse -- or stand it up and surround themselves with the story.

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