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Jurate Unicorn Outline Stud Earrings (CONS)


Small solid heart stud earrings, perfect for everyday wear.


• mini unicorn outline

• Made in Los Angeles


• Material: Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Plated Sterling Silvver

Details & Care:

• Avoid showering, swimming or working out in your jewelry.

•Chemicals in soaps, perfumes, and lotions can be hard on plated jewelry and may speed up the aging process. Because of this, we recommend putting your jewelry on last.

• The best way to store your necklaces is to hang them.

•When cleaning your pieces wipe with a soft cloth and mild soap.


Jūratė Brown is a Los Angeles-based jewelry designer and metalsmith who has had a love for design since an early age. Growing up in a communist country, fashion and design were almost non-existent. Jūratė began making the designs she coveted for herself at a young age, developing skills that later led to her talent as a jewelry maker.