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Beauty and the Beast Shape Book


Our Beauty and the Beast Shape Book is a simple retelling of the classic, ever-popular fairy tale, accompanied by lovely illustrations from British illustrator, Rene Cloke.

In Rene Cloke's pictures, the Beast most closely resembles a bull or a donkey and is not very menacing at all! Beauty is lovely, taking after her name, and everything, from the clothes to the backgrounds, is gorgeous and vibrantly colored. The images are full of warmth and life, and the text has been simplified, while still maintaining the magic of the original fairy tale. Everything from Beauty and the Beast's first meeting to their happily-ever-after feels both fresh and warmly familiar. The book itself comes in a die-cut, shaped format that appeals to young children.

These elements add up to create a magical introduction to the much-loved story of love and forgiveness. This book will delight and enchant early readers alongside their parents and is the perfect addition to any storybook collection.
Product Details:

  • For ages 0-5
  • Format Paperback
  • Dimensions 203 x 286 x 2.54mm | 136.08g
  • Language English
  • Illustrations note Illustrations, unspecified
  • ISBN10 1595839402
  • ISBN13 9781595839404