Loving You, Loving Me

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I Really Want to See you, Grandma

Yumi and her grandmother have the same great idea: They want to see each other. So they each head out to do just that, only to completely miss each other along the way! No problem—they'll just head back home and wait for the other to return. The trouble is that they have the same great idea—again—resulting in the ultimate missed connection! Will this duo ever find each other? Leave it to bestselling author-illustrator Taro Gomi to spin an action-packed story that sweetly, and humorously, celebrates the powerful grandparent-child bond.


  • Writer: Taro Gomi
  • Ages: 3-5years
  • Pages: 40

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Taro Gomiis a Japanese children's book writer who is currently one of Japan's most prolific children's book illustrators and authors. He is a graduate of the Kuwazawa Design Institute. His first children's picture book was published in 1973. He has published more than 400 books in Japan and his work has been widely translated into other languages.