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Cat Family Christmas

Count all the way to Christmas Eve with the Cat Family in this lift-the-flap advent calendar–style book with more than 140 doors to open.

Help the Cat Family decorate, bake and prepare the house for the holiday season as you count down the twelve days til Christmas. Just like an advent calendar, Cat Family Christmas ends with the excitement and anticipation of Christmas Eve.

Open up tiny but sturdy flap ‘doors’ on each one of the 24 pages to reveal little details and surprisesPeer inside the cupboard doors and different-sized tins in the busy Cat Family kitchen to find the missing ingredients for the cake. Open all the front doors on the street when the Cat Family go carol singing.

This is a whimsical Christmas book that gives the Victorian advent calendar tradition a contemporary twist for advent calendar door–hungry hands. Every page is rich with Liberty print–style pick-and-mix patterns and William Morris–inspired friezes.

The Cat Family are full of character and personality, and the picture painted of the holiday season in this charming picture book will fill you and your family with Christmas cheer!