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Ay Naku!

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Tagalog Children's book with English translation in rear of book. Ay Naku! Uh-oh! Oh no! Oh My!, Oh Dear! Ay Naku! is a common Filipino expresson used to convey disappointment, exasperation , or surprised dismay. Its orgins may be rooted in the phrase "Hay nanay ko po" (Oh, my mother), similiar the spanish expression "Madre Mia!" No one knows for sure how this phrase came about, but one may reason that whenever children are in trouble, it is natural for them to think instantly of their mother and how she could help. Hen the phrase "Ina ko!" (Oh, Mother!) ... or "Ay Naku!" "Ony 65 words, yet this little story is packed with action for the youngest of toddlers. Here's a bok we've needed for a long time." -- Carla M. Pacis -- award winning children's author and professor of children's literature "Start learning the nuances and intricacies of the Filipino language!" -- Neni Sta. Romana-Cruz -- Best selling author, educator and member, Philippine Board on Books for Young People