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Ang Mahabang Sampayan Ni Nanay

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All the clothes are washed. Now what will Andres find hanging in Mama’s clothesline? As whimsical as a child’s imagination, Ang Mahabang Sampayan ni Nanay is a book that introduces kids to the Philippine alphabet and transforms mommy’s household routine into a delightful learning activity. Expanding vocabulary is a common objective among alphabet books but in Genaro Gojo Cruz’s engaging writing, parents and teachers may find a useful aid in introducing children to weaving phrases in the Filipino and English languages. How does the toy puppy take the shape of A for “aso” or a peeled banana as S for “saging”? The string of letters charmingly illustrated by Auri Asuncion Yambao also serves as an exercise in shape recognition. In this clever accordion book, a common chore becomes a play on possibilities. One can only imagine the silly ideas kids would make up next time mom does the laundry!


  • Ages 0-4

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