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Anak Ko Toy Number Block 1-10- Tagalog

One side of our family hails from Hagonoy, Bulacan on the island of Luzon. Tagalog is the primary Filipino language spoken in this part of the country. The generation that immigrated to the U.S. is still fluent in Tagalog but our generations after only contain a small handful of family members who can speak and/or understand.

Our Tagalog Number Blocks come with 10 blocks counting from 1 to 10. Each block is engraved on four side with one Roman numeral, Tagalog translation, Mahjong characters and the English translation.

We treat every set, every block as if our own kids will be playing with them. So we round each corner and edge. Finally sealing each block with a non-toxic, zero VOC, hypoallergenic food-grade finish. Being a wood product each block will have its own unique grain patterns, tone and characteristics.

It is our hope these block sets will help carry on and further our Filipinx culture through our children.



  • number 1-10
  • rounded corner and edge for sfety
  • sealed with Non toxic, zero VOC, hypoallergenic food-grade finish

Shipping & Returns:

  • Ships within 2-3 Days
  • 21 Day Returns: Please click HERE for more information


Anak Ko is a term my grandmother would use for all her children and grandchildren. It translates to, My Child. It is a term of endearment many Tagalog speaking Filipinxs use for their children. These toys were made for My Children. Our Children. So that they could have a better opportunity to carry on our culture.